Lymphoedema Management


Lymphoedema refers to soft tissue swelling caused by an accumulation of protein-rich fluid that's usually drained through the body's lymphatic system. It most commonly affects the arms or legs.

Severe cases of lymphedema can increase the risk of skin changes, breakdown and infections.

The important issue here is to assist drainage and maintain skin integrity

NEMIDON’S ULTRA HYDRATION GEL is a unique gel developed from seaweed polysaccharides to maintain a moisture balance and skin integrity yet leaves skin clean helping clinicians with manual and myofascial release techniques and patients who require specialised clothing.

Nemidon, forms an invisible barrier several nanometres above the skin, leaving a layer of air  where vapour pressure  is controlled by  Nemidon. If skin is dry, then Nemidon provides initial water and a pressure that assists  uptake.

Dehydration is prevented by maintaining an appropriate vapour pressure above the skin.

If the skin provides too much fluid, the vapour will be taken up by the Nemidon, and transferred to the atmosphere

  • It is a neutral aqueous gel that acts as a moisture regulator;
  • Contains no alcohol, no smell and leaves no residue
  • Long lasting
  • Water or sweat is able to pass in and out i.e. the skin can breathe
  • Easy compliance – application reduces as skin integrity improves to once every second day
  • Can be used between the toes.
  • Strapping can be applied immediately after application.

AgriQuality Trials showed no cross contamination occurs

  • Clothing can applied immediately after application.

Medical double Blind Studies or clinical studies carried out at the University of Brighton Podiatry Department  meeting all international standards. Which stated that

“It lasts longer than you think”

  • Medical Double Blind Studies or clinical trials carried out by Brighton University UK. These trials proved that the product was very effective - 170% more effective more so than the placebo.
  • Crucially the trials showed that not only was the gel effective but that it is long lasting – a substantial and important advantage   while the skin is left clean after application.   This allows application once skin integrity has improved  to once every second day which, makes compliance very easy.


In Touch Physio & Lymphoedema Solutionz testimonial about Ultra Hydration Gel

I love using this product for many reasons.

• Easy to apply to dry and flaky skin tissues.
• Non sticky cooling gel
• Easily absorbed into the skin without leaving
• Does not appear to affect compression garment
• There are palpable changes. I notice the skin
texture softens and becomes more pliable making
it easier to apply manual lymphatic drainage or use
myofascial release techniques.