Nemidon Limited is a biotech company that specializes in researching the properties of seaweeds for their unique medical and cosmetic uses. Nemidon Gels are world-first, patented products that have been scientifically proven to assist in relieving both people and animals suffering from dry skin, joint and muscle discomfort.

Established 17 years ago in New Zealand, Nemidon has researched and developed a range of specialised seaweed gel products tailored for both human and animal use.

Nemidon Gels are truly unique in how they have been developed and how they perform. We have invested years of research into ensuring our products meet the highest standards for retail and medical use. Not only are they proven to be effective, they are also recognised internationally by medical and sports professionals at the top of their field. Our products are used and endorsed by world-class sportspeople, health professionals, diabetes patients, and even chimpanzees.



“I have used Nemidon gels as part of my therapy for over 10 years and I know of many other professional golfers who have used them as well. They simply are one of the best soft tissue gels on the market and I personally think very highly of this natural product.”

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